Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Weight: 177.9
LOSS TD: 24.1 
MOOD: Tired and PMSed  
Symptoms: exhausted 

Very sorry that I haven't wrote in a while. I haven't felt the need and my husband came back to town and I feel that really made my diet messed up. Since the last post, I have drove to Oregon, stayed one night. Gone to a BBq with family and the Fair. Back to school and lots of long evenings with soccer and karate for the kids. i have managed to be good but I know that I could have done MUCH better with this diet. I am happy with my weight loss and I am happy with the results thus far. I have gone from a tight 16 to a nice loose size 12. I could have made it to 170 or 169 and that would have been awesome. I forgot to say. I am cutting this round early by three days because my Tom came again and my little family and I have a huge weekend ahead. Soccer practice, Karate, camping and going to the drive in. I didn't want to be on a VLCD without drops and traveling all around washington biting the heads off of my family and friends. So I am doing it in the comfort of my home where i can relax the day away and reflect on my first journey with Omninutrition HCG drops. 
First of all, I so wish i had lost more weight.I don't know why i stalled so much and why I failed when others succeed so much better. I read this morning on another blog that if you intend to lose more weight you have to up your drops by like 15 to 20 per drop. I was blown away by that news because that info would have helped about four weeks ago. LOL oh well. I am happy that my husband keeps calling me skinny and that he is impressed with how well i've done. But doesn't stop him from mowing down hamburger and a big gulp in front of me or a coveted bag of chips that I would love to have. 
You know every time i cheated was due to lack of preparation  There was so many times I could have just avoided a downfall had I prepared something and been more vocal about my eating plans to somebody. I have only told a handful of people the real diet i am on. Most women in the area I live in are not open to this kind of diet yet. Most of them are on the Organic, vegan, super expensive paleo or something diet. Or they just aren't open minded to that. Or, I am a terrible seller.. lol I will go with the latter. 
So here it is the finally day. The last time I took drops was last night at 8pm. So that means I can eat normally at 8pm on Friday, which i won't till Saturday Morning. Its weirds. I am very frightened of messing up P3. I am not the only one. The FB page is riddled with women having the same concerns as me. Gaining or not knowing what to eat. Not having a Clear guideline on what to put in your mouth. I am ready for R2 already. Very ready to get back in there and really try hard this time to be warrier dieter and lose at least 30 more pounds. 40 would be SO idyllic i wouldn't even know what to do with myself. 40lbs would put me at 140ish and I would be done with this and on to living my life in skinny jeans.. haha! Not beating myself up I swear. I feel good about my progress but I can always dream bigger dreams. 
So here it is the finally day. The last time I took drops was last night at 8pm. So that means I can eat normally at 8pm on Friday, which i won't till Saturday Morning. Its weirds. I am very frightened of messing up P3. I am not the only one. The FB page is riddled with women having the same concerns as me. Gaining or not knowing what to eat. Not having a Clear guideline on what to put in your mouth. I am ready for R2 already. Very ready to get back in there and really try hard this time to be warrier dieter and lose at least 30 more pounds. 40 would be SO idyllic i wouldn't even know what to do with myself. 40lbs would put me at 140ish and I would be done with this and on to living my life in skinny jeans.. haha! Not beating myself up I swear. I feel good about my progress but I can always dream bigger dreams. 
P3 i hope you are nice to me. Can't wait to blog about my new stuff and to lose the weight in Round 2 in October. 

Second, i should have been more prepared when traveling. I have learned that no matter what, keep food on me at all times and some stevia packets. I have been going to Whole Foods and grabbing their free sweet leaf stevia packets by the coffee station. I refuse to pay them anymore money for stevia if i spend over 75 bucks just because I feel I deserve something free. If my kids get free bananas and applesauce i should at least get some stevia packets. LOL Crackers are another thing to always have on hand in my purse. Water, water and water. With lemon, with chocolate with something. Always have a gallon on you. I keep a container of 1 gallon in my car. Doesn't mean i always drink it but keep it on me. 1 orange and 1 apple too should always be with me. Hard because my kids are fruit fiends and will steal my apples in a heartbeat and not even have remorse. Sometimes that makes it hard. My friend and distributer jenny told me to go to Subway and do a chopped salad. That truly has been a lifesaver on multiple occasions when it was impossible to bring food with me. I had a cooler with me when driving to Oregon a few weeks ago. But my ice packet defrosted eventually and couldn't keep the cooler cold enough and the kids (and husband) ended up eating all my chicken.. My favorite salad there is the Chopped salad with double the chicken, cucumber  tomatoes, onions, and pepperoncini's. I  only get double the chicken because I usually share all my food with somebody and they  eat my chicken. Mostly my husband who loves salads. When on our road-trip we probably had 3 salads and then went to the fair where I had one more because I knew there wouldn't be anything I could eat there. 

Friday, August 23, 2013


Weight: 184.4
LOSS TD: 17.8lbs 25.5 total inches loss 
MOOD: Tired and moody
Symptoms:gas pain 

Sorry that I haven't posted. Its been a few days of ups and downs and a lot of stalls. Gee I wonder why? Cheats lately, um..... 

Bites of BBQ lays potato chips 2x 
Creamy Cheesy Polenta with Beef Ragu 
Mineral Water from trader joes 
Plate of Peanut Sauced Thai Chicken Breast 
licks off my fingers of Nutella 
omelets for my Protein
Cottage Cheese for my protein
Rotisserie chicken  breast 
big ass steak probably 8oz

Nothing crazy. All with in reason i think but none of it is going to put me in the 170's really. I am starving today because i waited to long to take my charge pills. I have to be better when taking that. But i have until the 30th to get to the 179 at least that is only 5 lbs.  My father and husband will both be here the same time. I want to blow them both away with my weight loss. I have worked hard but the days I let myself get to hungry I get crazy and eat. Today i felt really depressed and weepy. Then i remembered that I hadn't taken my Charge in two days. YIKEs that stuff really helps me. I also went and got some Iron supplements that I can take while on this mission! ahaha  

has anyone tried this? Well starting tomorrow I guess i will be. I will let you know how it goes. I know there seems to be a lot of women that are on HCG and anemic. I know my levels are hella low. My mother buys me a really nice kind but it already has a ton of other vitamins in it that i am not willing to mix with the omni4 already taking.

In other news, TEA.. i know its 77 degrees out in my neck of the woods but during my TOM i need some warm tea. Iced is good too. I made a huge bag of some Aveda comforting tea a while back and I have been drinking that as much as possible. It helps that my kids are goo goo for it. I use to work for an Aveda school and we drank copious amounts of this. Be careful to not drink a lot though because it can cause high blood pressure and Is not great for pregnant women or breast feeders. And don't be scared of Licorice Root. Its super sweet and taste NOTHING like black licorice at all. Not even a little bit you black licorice haters. I am one too. I can't even smell it so DON'T worry. The other ingredients seem weird as well but they all come together to make this magical tea brew. Try it, you wont be sorry one bit. And if you want to know what it taste like before you make it, go into any Aveda spa and they will give you a free cup. Or they should !

Aveda Comforting Tea DIY  
(recipe from Beauty Check blog)

1-1/4 Cup Licorice Root
1 Cup    Peppermint Leaves
1/8 Cup  Fennel
1/8 Cup Basil Leaves

Combine in a small bowl, then add to gently boiled water. Steep for 2-3 minutes (or to taste), then remove the loose tea and enjoy.

Note: women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid this and everyone else should enjoy in moderation. 


So what the heck did i eat today? Good question, I tried to be good. I lost it i guess towards the evening when I made Creamy Cheesy Polenta with Beef Ragu and Gluten free chocolate chip cookies. (which i didn't eat) 

Breakfast: Coffee 
Lunch: Salsa Catfish 2oz
Lunch #2 Chicken Cutlets with Cucumber, tomato Salad with Honey Mustard Sauce. 
Dinner: 3 Chicken cutlets with franks hot sauce 
Cheats: Polenta with beef ragu about 1/4 of a cut. 

Blessings to all that can do this with out cheating. I am hoping tomorrow is a great day of losses even though i cheated. And I swear from now on i will meet my goal of 170 by the end of this round. 


Weight: 185.2
MOOD: Tired
Symptoms: Gassy, Twitches, blurred left eye

Friday, August 16, 2013


Weight: 186.8
MOOD: Tired
Symptoms: Tired :)

So here it is. The Eve of my 2 weeks with this diet. WOW. Thoughts? well its hard! its a little schizophrenic with the eat this but not that and now you do this but not that and no explanation really for anything. I don't care, I am happy with the results so far and I cant complain. Any diet I am going to hate. Work out, Vegan etc... it all has its ups and downs.   

After yesterdays cheat moment, due to my womanly day starting. I went food shopping and bought all the necessary stuff to last a few days. I bagged up chicken cutlets that were all conveniently purchased pre-cut into cutlets. Marinated them and put in the fridge. Along with veggies and some steak. Cut up celery and cucumbers and tomatoes and onions. Guilt organization really. I am really hopping that i just continue to lose and not gain. 

Keeping it short today..... Did dishes all day it seems and need to clean the house. 

Supplements: Omni4, Nitelite, Charge, Probiotic, drops 

Breakfast: Orange and coffee 
Lunch: Grilled chicken and spinach
Dinner: Hamburgers, Salad some broccoli 
Snack: Mango (shh, couldn't help its fleshy goodness)

Dessert : Strawberry pop


Weight: 187.6
LOSS TD: 14.4lbs ( actual 10lbs)
MOOD: Happy and Optomistic
Symptoms: Ravenous!!!!!! still 

After many years of having my wonderful sally (volvo #1) We don't really have a car that is very reliable. I wear my shoulders by my ears the whole time i drive this car because i am afraid that we will fall apart on the next bump. But on the other hand i love this car more than anything. We have had it for 7 years and she is part of the family now. I wear this car like an old glove. Her seats fit all of our bodies and we know every crook and carney of this car. I feel that she knows us too. I have asked her (and my husband too) to please just hold on a few more months or years so we can stop making her our daily driver and we can get a new car..... So after many years of hospice for my lovely sally, we have now been blessed with this new volvo. I can now feel confident in driving to Visit my parents and actually be a part of peoples lives! And that is what i did today. I DROVE to my moms for lunch. The kids have been DYING to just surprise her and visit for her lunch break!!! it was such a joy to see her too! she was so happy for our visit. But this in turn turned out to be my CHEAT day :( 

As we left her office and was trying to figure out where to go. No coffee in my belly or anything to help me no want to eat a babies leg. She chose Thai food. So i figured this will be easy. WRONG! We walk in and I have a plan. I am going to just get some chicken and veggies and I will be fine WRONG again! The menu wasn't the menu i am use to at most Thai food places.  So I ordered as simply as I could with out telling my mom i am on this diet. I thought i got all my sauces on the side and chicken breast on bed of spinach. It came all separated but the sauce was on the chicken and more sauce on the side...YIKEs.. so i just ate.. screw it. I am not going to beat myself up I am just going to do the best I can. Drink lots of water and the rest of the day not eat anything but a lite dinner.

I did that for the whole day. I came home and I actually didn't eat all day. I had a very small dinner of chicken breast, Kale and Grilled onions. Took my nitelite at 12:30 am and went to bed around 2! Got up at around 7am because of the lovely stopping my neighbors kids make and noticed.. my TOM came and visited me! lovely. Now i know why i am so dang hungry and creazzzzy ! 

Breakfast: Nothing
Lunch: Grilled chicken in Spicy Thai Peanut sauce with Sauteed Spinach
Dinner: Grilled chicken with Kale and Caramelized onions  
Snack #1 None
Snack #2 None 

Supplements: Omni4, Charge, Nitelite, Probiotic, 


Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Weight: 187.6
LOSS TD: 14.4lbs ( actual 10lbs)
MOOD: Rushed and Sad
Symptoms: Ravenous!!!!!! 

All i think about is fat.. how fat i have gotten and what fat can i get away with eating.. What would be good fat and bad fat and all that! If i take just 2 tablespoons of nutella how fat would I get? Is it worth it? Sigh....

I am feeling gross, tired, sad and guessed it.. TOM is here again! I have a special power, no really i do, I can have a 8 day period every 20 days and NOT DIE. Its so wonderful. Just when i get to feeling normal again BHAM! my period is here again. oh well, I only have one ovary,  due to an emergency cyst surgery so I am just happy to have a period at all... let a lone kids. So I am starving for Sugary carbs and grossness. I want the banana bread I made for the kids. I want to put butter on my shrimp. I want a iced latte with full fat milk and hazelnut sugar syrup. But, that is what got me here in the first place. I think this whole 45 days of "detoxing" is just showing you what you really need to eat to be healthy. I eat 4-5oz of protein, that is really a deck of cards and what i should be eating in the first place. Now the consumption of such little fruits and veggies depresses me. And the lack of variety too. Why no kale or cauliflower? Or squash? Hummmmm but we can have all the BULLshit in omni products the surcolose and blah blah blah but cant have another sweetener other than stevia. I am not going to get into logistic because it just makes me crazy. Nutella 

I've upped my protein today I had to take a bus that was 1hr and 45 mins away to get my other car. In order to get my new car i had to leave my old car and then find a way to get the old car. I had a friend say that is what your husband is for. But he is out of town for four months. So that isn't going to work. I thought that is what friends are for and that didn't seem to work. So i said whatever and took the adventure and packed the kids up with snacks and took the FOREVER bus to a far far far far away land. Kids had a goood (ish) time. Considering it only took us 20mins to get back home with our car. HAHAHA! but then it made me think about my real friends. THe real people in my life with real feelings that really want you to be around them. So i called one of those people and she was just overjoyed to want to help us..but sadely we were already on the bus. But those are my people. The ones that are like WHO cares what my schedule is.. of COURSE i will help you. I've just noticed I don't really have those friends in the "part of town" i live in. They are busy in their lives and i am just who i am.. I have no label i want to say right now because I am trying to have better outlooks on life. 

Needless to say. Both cars are where they should be. Home. Like me. And one day, i will love myself enough and have peace in my heard and head and home. 

Supplements: Omni4, Charge, Drops, Nitelite 


B: Strawberries
L: Shrimp (4oz), Handful of blueberries 
D: Sloppy Joes on Flower crackers 

Snack #1 Cucumbers and celery 
Snack #2 More shrimp 


These are my 10day Before and afters. 
 Sticking my stomach out as far as I can. Since i don't ever seem to suck this puppy in. LOL


Weight: 188.4
LOSS TD: 13.6 lbs
Symptoms: None

Woke up this morning and weighed immediately...down a whole 4oz better than a gain i guess right? Oh well.. its about about pounds and inches right. I am hoping tomorrow like magically 5lbs are gone...that would be awesome! but so not going to happen. Like most things in my life it wont come easy and I will have to write about every single pound i am accountable for. LOL.. no amount of anything i seem to do works wonders so i am just going to surrender to the diet and go from there.. But i will still eat my chia seeds....and mix my chicken with apples.. sorry Dr. Simmion and all your hard work!!