Friday, August 16, 2013


Weight: 186.8
MOOD: Tired
Symptoms: Tired :)

So here it is. The Eve of my 2 weeks with this diet. WOW. Thoughts? well its hard! its a little schizophrenic with the eat this but not that and now you do this but not that and no explanation really for anything. I don't care, I am happy with the results so far and I cant complain. Any diet I am going to hate. Work out, Vegan etc... it all has its ups and downs.   

After yesterdays cheat moment, due to my womanly day starting. I went food shopping and bought all the necessary stuff to last a few days. I bagged up chicken cutlets that were all conveniently purchased pre-cut into cutlets. Marinated them and put in the fridge. Along with veggies and some steak. Cut up celery and cucumbers and tomatoes and onions. Guilt organization really. I am really hopping that i just continue to lose and not gain. 

Keeping it short today..... Did dishes all day it seems and need to clean the house. 

Supplements: Omni4, Nitelite, Charge, Probiotic, drops 

Breakfast: Orange and coffee 
Lunch: Grilled chicken and spinach
Dinner: Hamburgers, Salad some broccoli 
Snack: Mango (shh, couldn't help its fleshy goodness)

Dessert : Strawberry pop

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