Thursday, August 8, 2013


Weight: 190.6
LOSS TD: 7.4 lbs
MOOD: tired and stressed
Symptoms: Fluttery stressed feelings 

After many years with my Volvo 240 sedan we decided to buy another one. I bought it on a whim because we have money and now i am paying for that whim. OH WELL. So i get off the lot and everything feels funny about the car this time. Feels wobbly and running hard. Feels weird! I run some errands and WHAM, the whole electrical Panel goes out, NO spedometer, NO odometer, or rpms or anything, I am flying blind!!! not what i paid for. 
Anyways makes for a terrible stressful evening and I am taking it back to the dealers today to see whats up. Hopefully by the grace of god they will just have an easy fix for me and I am On my way to a happy life with another volvo?? VOLVO gods are you listening??? lol 

I barely ate yesterday because i was at the dealership for most of the day. I brought food with me but doesn't feel like i had a moment to eat. I should have because i was a shaky stressed unfed mess. SIGH I figured after not eating all day I should eat. My son went to a sleepover and it was just my daughter and me last night for girls night. My husband texted multiple times to let me know it will be fine.. thx honey! 

I sat in my bed and drank some potassium broth i made with veggies on the P2 protocol and then put some curry powder in it and some hot sauce to spice it up. Afterwards i picked off my daughters chicken she had from Fred Myers and followed it up by some strawberry popsicle i made yesterday.  So it was a P2 gourge. I didn't have time to deal with the nonsense of 3 hours for the nitelite, so i just took it and went to bed. Slept a little better. I feel like i don't stay in my REM all night long like i use too. I sleep like a log and this protocol makes me feel jittery all the time when sleeping. It seems perhaps better last night then the previous nights. I will give it a few more weeks. I don't feel exhausted like i normally do, but i am sleepyish when i wake up. 

Going to the dealers, wish me luck!! :)

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