Monday, August 5, 2013

Dessert ASAP!

Okay, So i ate dinner and RAVENOUS... i know i know.. its day 2 i am suppose to be hungry but I couldn't take it anymore. I needed dessert.... i read on another blog that they half froze their strawberries and then put stevia over the top. I took that one step further. I froze the strawberries (half way, put in freezer right before dinner and they are perfect about 20 mins later) and then blended them in my Magic bullet. I love my Vitamix but this was to little of amount to bring out the big guns.

Here is the Recipe:

doesn't it look a little brainy?

Strawberry Brains:

5 Half Frozen Strawberries

Blend till chunky like salsa. Pour out in a dish.

In the same blender cup add one tablespoon of Milk, 4 drops of vanilla creme. Blend till frothy then pour over Chunky strawberries. Over the top add 4 drops of Chocolate stevia. Enjoy!

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