Monday, August 5, 2013

Round 1 Phase 2 Day 2

Okay... so today i feel fine. Woke up expecting to feel amazing and I didn't. I felt fat and depressed. My eye was swollen and a little itchy. Allergies? who knows. I got up and took my drops and went back to bed then remembered.. I have to pee.. because that's all i do now. PEE. I went and empty my bladder and weighed myself. Who could forget to do that right?

Weight: 195 that is almost a 3lb loss. When i talked to my Bff (also my distributor) she was hopping for more. MORE. wow.. i guess i am failing already. Like five or six pounds.. YIKES i don't think i ever went to bed and woke up 5lbs less in my life.. but would be nice. We joked that i might gain 30 and lose 50 because thats just me! Always something "special" happening to me!

Okay food.. that's all i can seem to think about today anyways.

R1P2D2: 195
Breakfast: Coffee and some apple
Lunch: Grilled Chicken Breast with Grilled Asparagus and Spinach with Tomato and cucumber salad. Drizzled with Horseradish Mustard Dressing.
Dinner: Hamburger with spinach salad and
Snack: Le Pain des Fluers crackers 4= 60calories

Wondering if we can have cornishons? they don't have anything in them on the bad list.. I wonder? would make life Saltier which i am sure is bad.

Now for the pictures:

Yes its 4oz exactly!! Who says your not eating enough. How many people do you know eats this much spinach in a day?

Chicken breast shredded in four ounce portions. For easy meal prep. 
Some nice (mind you expensive) grass fed beef burgers! with onions, some of my crackers and seasonings added!

Farmers Market Asparagus, Isn't it beautiful?

Completely In love with this!!!

Just incase there are questions!

The end result, I had to cut off the bottoms of the asparagus because i forgot.. but yes it all added up to four ounces..

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