Friday, August 9, 2013


Weight: 190.6
LOSS TD: 7.4 lbs
MOOD: stressed
Symptoms: Stressed feelings 

So no resolve yet with the car. Have to stay positive and send Light and healing to my car and that there are no major problems with it. :( 

As for my STALL, I don't know... Chia seeds, Lack of Bowel Movement, Stress, erratic eating times, these all could pose a problem to this. Also i did go swimming Yesterday for two hours in a salt water pool. Maybe all that salt water plumped me up...haha!  The weak feeling i believe is my low iron. I took some iron water supplements this morning with my drops and then ate an orange for breakfast and then waited to drink my coffee. I wish i could just relax and be in a happy mood for once and good mood for once. Whatever.. I am not going to let it get the best of me. 

Well I measured myself and there is progress. So i am not going to worry about the stall. And personally i feel my scale is broken. In a matter of minutes i gained and lost multiple pounds. So might be a good time to invest in another scale. 

Ate lunch and jittery feeling gone. 

Breakfast: Orange & Coffee

Snack: 3 LePain de fluers crackers
Lunch: 3 roma tomato slices, 4oz Cod with salsa and Grilled red cabbage 

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