Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Weight: 193.4
LOSS TD: 4.4 lb
MOOD: tired and grumpy
Symptoms: Headache and hungryish

Last night was really rough for me. I was so hungry when i went to bed. I took my night lite at 11:30pm and stayed up with a headache for about an hour. I slept crappy all night and woke up not tired though. Well a little tired. More energy zapped than tired. Feel weak already. So i said fuck it and took my drops and omni4 vitamins and ate chia seeds with cinnamon and English toffee stevia drops. I know it could be worse but i swear i feel immediately better. I also drank some coffee with my milk in it too. I can feel my body needing the fats. SIGH..I am going to take my drops for lunch now and then eat at the park/lake. I am hoping the sunshine and being in the water takes away some of my grumpiness... :)

Chia seeds with 1/4 apple, cinnamon and english toffee stevia
Snack: two LePan des fleurs crackers :30 calories
Lunch: Chicken with Real Balsamic Vinegar, Spinach, red peppers, onions cucumbers and tomatoes
Snack: rest of apple
Dinner: Buffalo Steak with grilled red cabbage, 2teaspons sauerkraut and grilled onions
Dessert: 1/4 of a grilled apple with vanilla stevia and cinnamon

chia instead of the fiber and more

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