Monday, August 5, 2013

Day One and Two or Phase 1 Adventure time!!

I am doing it. For real. I have become a lemming. A person of the masses. I am trying the HCG diet. I know I know and i don't want to hear about it. Ive been a very healthy person for years.. IN MY BRAIN. I know vegan-ism and vegetarianism like the back of my hand. I was raw and have done many juice fast and raw fast. Nothing is getting me thin. I was vegan and 60lbs fell off me and I didn't even know it. But i had a healing crisis and slowly made way back to the Standard American Diet (SAD).  Now for health reason I am Wheat/Gluten free. I have been almost GF for a year and lost at least 25lbs with that. I am very happy with that loss but I want to be thinner than that. I want to at least be thin enough to wear a swimming suit and not have my kids say "Mommy, you look puffy today". I am not asking a lot. I do yoga (sometimes), ride my bike, walk and swim. I just feel its never enough. So here i am all my friends losing weight like its a disease. 20lbs, 45 lbs, etc. I put it off as long as i can but i look in the mirror and I can't believe that i have let myself get this out of control. I don't eat a lot but I know i eat to much oils and nuts and the like.

I get my products In the mail on Thursday, August 1st. Quickly since i ordered on Monday. I started loading the next day, Friday Aug. 02. Its hard for me because i am not accustomed to eating crappy food. I have spent so long keeping it away from my kids and not snacking on it I don't even know what to eat. So I went with the healthy fat option. No sugars to avoid the carb crash the next day.
This is what i ended up eating

Mac. Nuts and cashews (LOTS)
Grass fed, organic Sausage
 Organic Whole Milk Keifer with honey smoothies
Ice Cream
Cheesecake, Hard because i am GF to find a crustless one
Mac and cheese (GF) Amy's was the worst for you so i bought 4 (lol) I also added cream cheese to this with some chili sauce.
coconut oil
avocado with cream cheese
Organic dark chocolate

Can't think what else. I was going to puke most of the time.
 On the second day i was really gassy and kind of nauseous. I thought it was the drops so I cut back a little on that. I added a probiotic as well because i thought my body might not want to digest all this crap either. I didn't take any of the other stuff either. And my face was bright red as well. IDK. Also i went out drinking with some friends and had some NON gluten free zucchini bread that she swore only had a tablespoon of flour in it.. LOL

Anyways that was Day 1 and 2 of Phase 1 

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