Sunday, August 11, 2013


Weight: 189.6
LOSS TD: 8.4 lbs 13lbs with Load weight
Symptoms: Panic attacks.. maybe a release of toxins? or stress?

Well, 8 days and another stall. I don't blame that my body didn't gain like 5lbs yesterday. It was a hard day with eating eggs for breakfast, and then going to the lake with my kids and ended up meeting several friends who we all usually share snacks and food with. I didn't plan to stay long and had a few snacks with me. But we ended up staying way to late and I was ravenous. I had a few more apple slices than I should and the four slices of salami better than other things that were there i guess. I also had one LaCroix Lemon sparkling water and um... oh yah... after dinner i had four bites of the "rouge" cottage cheese chocolate thing. But for all that i cheated on, if that was "cheating" I think i did okay. I am having a hard time with some of these supplements. Its been a week and I am not loving the idea of the synthetic vitamin a that is in the Omni4. Also, on top of that they want you to take even more vitamin a in the Charge. Hummm.. Toxic levels of synthetic vit. A are 20,000IU while the Natural Vit A (Beta Carotene) in the charge. It doesn't seem right to me. I am already all jacked up on something that is making me all jumpy all day long. Then on top of that. I have been doing some research and by no means are you to be taking psyllium husk (main component in fiber n more) more than a few days. So after today i will probably stop taking that and eat just my chia in the morning from now on. I don't like the risks on the side label anyways. Its better to get your fiber from food sources.. UGH.. another think i am sure my BFF/Distributor is rolling her eyes at.. (<3 u though) I am sure she is saying i wouldn't be stalling if i was taking those damn things anyways. I am not stopping my omni4 or nitelite. So far i like those enough to keep them around and stay on course. I am going to be much better about my diet though from now on. My daughter is really on me for drinking water. Its her duty to make sure i drink enough...and she fills my water bottle and makes sure i have it when i leave. She really wants me to just get a gallon jug and then i can just drink from that everyday.. GOOD IDEA... now have to find one that is "KIM APPROVED" lol 

I did yoga last night.. Psychotically because i thought with all that I ate i am sure to gain if i don't sweat a little out. I am sore today and would love to just sleep.. but whatever i am taking make sure my eyes don't close at all.. haha!  Panic attacks and self loathing are happening a lot as well. All me in my endless cycle of craziness. I felt great yesterday. I wonder if it had to do with meditating the night before? I hope so cuz i am going to try it again today! lol 

Omni4, Drops, Nitelite, Fiber n More, Probiotic, Iron.

Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: Left over chicken teriyaki
Dinner: P2 Tacos with Lettuce and radish slices 
Snack #1  Crackers
Snack #2  Strawberries with orange Smoothie

snack #3 Apples and hey ate more for dessert!

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