Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Weight 191.2

Surprised at the loss today. Had to weigh myself about 4 times. I was sure after I did some extra eating and the chia seed pudding i was going to gain. Glad i didn't and still lost. The chia really helped with my hunger yesterday and made me feel so much better all day long. I am doing it again today! lol

We had a block party last night. Nobody on our block through one so we went and crashed the one next to us where there was some kids and we knew the people. Lots of food there and beer and homemade wine, soda and beer. Was really hard not to take part in anything. I broke down and had a hand full of blueberries and got some fresh clams in my bowl and ended up not eating them. I had to really control myself. Which was hard yesterday. I ate extra meat and had a few pieces of some roast beef lunch meat. The good kind. You know me! The no nitrate one and No sodium kind.. BLAH BLAH BLAH.. haha

When we got home I was in the countdown to take my niteLite so I prepared some strawberry popsciles for the next days heat wave. This morning the kids saw them and freaked out. So I let them be the testers of these fine specimiens. They got the BIG thumbs up and said they were awesome

8 Strawberries, green tops cut off
2 T. Milk
6 drops of English toffee stevia

Blend in a blender, Chunky, put in ice molds and Freeeeeeeze. Enjoy!

I figure the milk is about a teaspoon ish for each one cuz i pour some out and there was a lot on the sides of the blender.

Breakafast:  Chia seeds (1T with 9T water) Cinnamon, English Toffee Stevia, and 1/4 Red apple
Lunch: Skipped (well at a bite of buffalo steak
Dinner: Hamburger patty made a few nights ago. Potassium broth, Strawberry Popsicle and a few bites of chicken thigh, gleamed off my daughters dinner.

Fiber n more
Chia seed (from breakfast)

Is anyone else totally freaked out with taking to many supplements? I am. I refuse to take my charge because of the Vitamin A overdose thing. To much is not good for you.. I D K if its just me or not?

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